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33 Battery

On the 21 Oct 1904 they left Bombay for Malta arriving on the 5 Nov 1904
Where they spent the next 20 Years.During this time the Battery changaed
it's name to A Coast Bty RGA.S Coast Bty RGA.and then 12 Hvy Battery on
the 1st May 1924.

12 Hvy Battery RA Embarkedon the HT Derbyshire on the 8 Oct 1925 bound for
Hong kong arriving on the 6th Nov 1925 and proceeding to quarters at Lyemun.

1926 - 1941 on 14 Dec 1940 became 12 Coast Battery.
During the Period 1926 - 1941 they carried out their Dutys in Hong Kong.

In 1941 they where Lost at Hong Kong and on the 25 Dec and subsequently placed in Suspended Animation.
Where the Battery remained until 1947.

In SA as 12 Coast Battery they was Resuscitated on 1st of April 1947 by posting to it the personel of 258 HAA Battery.Which then disbanded, and redesignated as 33 HAA Battery and Regimented with 50 HAA Regiment at Stoneley Park Camp Coventry.

In 1950 They moved with 50 HAA Regt to Hadrians Camp Carlisle.

On the 2nd of October 1952 they Moved with 50 HAA Regt to Dundonald Camp in Troon Ayrshire.

On the 12th April 1955 the Regt Became 50 Med Regiment R.A. and 33 Became 33 Medium Battery RA.

On the 8th May 1956 to the 10th 0f May 1957 they where based in Cyprus returning to Troon on the 10th May 1957.

On 26th November 1959 the Regiment and the Battery Moved to Northumberland Barracks in Menden Germany.

On the 23 April 1972 the Battery was moved to Bramcote as 33 JL Battery in 1979 it was redesignated as 33 Trg Battery

On the 18th April 1993 the Battery was placed in SA at Bramcote.